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Week 16 Announcement

Dec 2 · 0 min read

Remember that any revisions are due by the end of Friday, December 2.

As we have a final project in lieu of a final exam, there is no final exam and you do not need to be present on the final exam date-time.

Week 15 Announcement

Nov 25 · 0 min read

For the last week of classes, make sure

  • to present at least once (this is a quarter of your grade completely in your control) and
  • to turn in any revisions by the end of Friday December 2 (all course materials can be found at our GitHub org)

Each presentation after the first will convert your lowest homework or quiz to a 100%.

I’ve sent out an assignment in Teams that just serves to report your current grade.

Week 8 Announcement

Oct 7 · 0 min read

Remember this is a short week due to Fall Break.

Take a look at

Week 6 Announcement

Sep 23 · 0 min read

Take a look at

Week 5 Announcement

Sep 16 · 0 min read

For Monday and Wednesday, be sure to bring a laptop to class this week if you have one.

Take a look at

Week 4 Announcement

Sep 9 · 0 min read

Be sure to bring a laptop to class this week if you have one.

Take a look at

Week 3 Announcement

Sep 2 · 0 min read

We will return to in-person instruction on Wednesday Sept 7 in LC Room 348

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Week 2 Announcement

Aug 26 · 0 min read

We are still virtual through Microsoft Teams this week.

Take a look at

The due date for homework 2 has been pushed back to Tuesday September 6 due to Labor Day.

Note: your files in GitHub classroom will not update to reflect this.

Week 1 Announcement

Aug 19 · 0 min read

Welcome to Transition to Advanced Mathematics!

To be prepared for the first class, make sure you

Due to delays in the renovation of LeConte College, class meetings will be virtual through Microsoft Teams until (at least) 2022.09.07.